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Company Profile

– Al-Habal Industrial and Trading Co. Ltd. was founded in 1990.

  • It is a private family company with its own commercial and industrial records in Hama city.
  • We aim to produce and distribute plastic woven bags, yarns and ropes inside and outside of Syria.
  • The continues development and improvement makes our company one of the leading companies in producing and manufacturing plastic woven bags, yarns and ropes.
  • The company is committed to deliver quality of products and services to achieve satisfaction of our customers.

To be a leading company and excellence in accordance with the requirements of international standards of quality to achieve and exceed the expectations of customers and strive to be companies of the largest companies in the industry of yarns and ropes and plastic bags in the Middle East.


Providing the market with distinguished products with high quality specifications at reasonable prices to meet the requirements of our customers to contribute to the service of the community and its development and the development of economic activity in it by encouraging employees to innovate and benefit from the latest scientific knowledge of technology and modern systems.